NON COMPETE POLICY:   It is against my policy to have my cakes displayed or served at an event where cakes by other bakers will be served.  This includes (but is not limited to) wedding cakes, cupcakes, sheet cakes, and grooms cakes.  I work so very hard to ensure that each cake is moist, delicious and to the upmost quality.  I cannot afford to have other cakes mistaken for my work.  As a licensed baker I also have very strict sanitation codes that I adhere to, and am not willing to accept the liability of serving cakes along side of others where the conditions under which they were prepared are unknown to me.  This only applies to cakes, not other desserts, pastries, cookies, mints or candies. Type your paragraph here.

***I am Closed on Sunday's***   NO pick ups or delivery on Sundays.

​​​​Dates that are full or have one spot left 

If your date is not on the list and is not a Sunday, then it is still open

​Please note that I do not deliver outside a 25 mile radius of the Lincoln area.






4th &  5th - 1 booking left

17th & 18th - Full

31st - 1 booking left


1st - 1 Booking left

7th & 8th - Full

22nd Full


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16th & 17th - Full

23rd & 24th - Full


27th & 28th - Full


11th & 12th - Full

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27th & 28th - Full