Square     Servings      Cost 

6 inch                    18                 $63.00

8 inch                    32                 $112.00

10 inch                  50                 $175.00

12 inch                  72                 $252.00

14 inch                  98                 $343.00

16 inch                  128               $448.00

Hexagon     Servings      Cost 

6 inch                        11                 $38.50

9 inch                        24                 $84.00

12 inch                      45                 $157.5

15 inch                      72                 $252.00

Round      Servings      Cost 

6 inch                    13                 $45.50

8 inch                    22                 $77.00

9  inch                   30                 $105.00

10 inch                  38                 $133.00

12 inch                  54                 $189.00

14 inch                  74                 $259.00

16 inch                  96                 $336.00


Delivery to any Lincoln venue is $25

​Out laying areas such as Waverly, Roca or Malcom for example are a bit more and based on milage.

I do not deliver to Omaha, Wilber, York or others venues more than 40 miles away.

Sheet cake Basic Decoration Examples

Sheet Cakes

Quarter Sheet  24 servings $45

Half Sheet  48 servings $65

Full Sheet 96 servings $95

Basic Decoration included in price,  themed or fondant decoration will be more, depending on amount of decoration.

 Please contact me for a quote.

Tiered Cakes are $3.50 per serving (including signature flavors), the only additional costs are Fondant covering ($35), edible gold or silver (price will depend on quantity) and hand made sugar flowers ($45).  Also, I do not supply paper made or toy cake toppers / figures.  Many items I can sculpt from fondant for an additional fee, please inquire while ordering.     




Please take note:
All prices are subject to change without notice, but will be locked in at your wedding consult.  Your wedding date will only be held upon receipt of 1/3 down, until then the date is still open to others.

NON COMPETE POLICY:   It is against my policy to have my cakes displayed or served at an event where cakes by other bakers will be served.  This includes (but is not limited to) wedding cakes, cupcakes, sheet cakes, and grooms cakes.  I work so very hard to ensure that each cake is moist, delicious and to the upmost quality.  I cannot afford to have other cakes mistaken for my work.  As a licensed baker I also have very strict sanitation codes that I adhere to, and am not willing to accept the liability of serving cakes along side of others where the conditions under which they were prepared are unknown to me.  This only applies to cakes, not other desserts, pastries, cookies, mints or candies. Type your paragraph here.

Sheet cake ​Additional cost Decoration Examples