Though the business name seems like my name is Sue, I am actually AmySue!  I started out with a friend who's middle name was also Sue.  A few months in, things didn't work out and it's  just me now.  That said,  I'm so happy and just love making delicious & fun themed cakes and sweets for you & all of your special occasions!    


Self taught, I love a challenge!   I'll try to make anything thrown at me.  I have been baking all of my life and started my business from home in Pleasant Dale, Nebraska in 2010, and my family and I moved to Lincoln in 2011.  I work alone..which means the baking, decorating, every email, text message, phone call, social media post and cake delivery are all handled by me personally!  Because of this, it  may take me a day or so to get back to you depending on when you contact me.   I try my best to stay on top of things and get right back to you!

About ME

A few words about Super sue's...

my Bakery

I work from a separate kitchen "bakery" in the basement of my home.   Everything I use is commercial rated,  I am fully licensed  and inspected by the health department!