​Signature flavors are also available, full details and descriptions can be found on the "Cup Cakes" page

Cake Fillings:

Bavarian Cream, Chocolate Mousse, Cheese Cake, Fruit Swirl Cheese cake, Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Key Lime, Chocolate ganache, Orange preserves, Apple pie filling, Peach, Black Berry, Mixed berry,  Blue Berry, Cookies & Cream, Coconut Cream, banana cream 

Frosting Options:

Cream Cheese: Cream cheese is a very soft icing made with butter, cream cheese and icing sugar, it is off white,  almost pale yellow in color and cannot be used in combination with fondant covering or decoration.


White (unflavored), Vanilla, Chocolate, Maple, Caramel, Orange, Banana, Peanut butter, Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Almond.  

**Keep in mind many flavored frostings take on the colors of their flavor so strawberry will be pink, peanut butter will be tan...etc...

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Mix & Match your favorite flavors to create the perfect cake for you

Standard Cake Flavors:

White, Vanilla, Almond, White Sour Cream, Confetti, Vanilla Black berry Swirl, Cinnamon Swirl, Cookie Dough, Yellow Butter, Marble, Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut butter, Root Beer, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Cherry, Carrot, Spice, Pumpkin Spice, Peanut Butter, Red Velvet (traditionally served with cream cheese frosting),  Lemon, banana, Lemon Lavender, Lemon Rosemary Poppyseed, Sunshine cake (pineapple cake with mandarin oranges), Cherry Vanilla (vanilla cake with sweet cherries mixed in).