Please take note:

All prices are subject to change without notice, but will be locked in at your wedding consult.  Your wedding date will only be held upon receipt of 1/3 down, until then the date is still open to others.

NON COMPETE POLICY:   It is against my policy to have my cakes displayed or served at an event where cakes by other bakers will be served.  This includes (but is not limited to) wedding cakes, cupcakes, sheet cakes, and grooms cakes.  I work so very hard to ensure that each cake is moist, delicious and to the upmost quality.  I cannot afford to have other cakes mistaken for my work.  As a licensed baker I also have very strict sanitation codes that I adhere to, and am not willing to accept the liability of serving cakes along side of others where the conditions under which they were prepared are unknown to me.  This only applies to cakes, not other desserts, pastries, cookies, mints or candies. 

Due to Covid-19  I have had to change the way I conduct tastings and consults.  

For now, I will conduct consults via text or email and also by phone if needed.  I will prepare wedding samples for you to pick up and try at your leisure.  Tuesdays are sample pick up day.  You can complete the request form below to order your samples by 8am Sunday to be able to pick up the following Tuesday.  Pick up Hours are 11am to 6pm  If you live out of town and will not be able to pick up on a Tuesday, Please email me and we can work to schedule a day for when you will be in town.

The sample fee of $15 (or more if additional samples are requested) to be prepaid (an email will come to you with that information within 24/48 hrs of your request for samples), if you book your wedding cake(s) with an order of $100 or more, the initial $15 fee will be credited toward your wedding cake order.  With that email will also be information for starting our consult correspondence as well.  I will make you 2 samples (usually in extra large cupcake form) each of the 3 different flavors of your choosing.  (You can request additional flavor samples for $5 per flavor, and you will receive 2 samples per flavor of those as well).  Each sample will consist of cake, filling & frosting.  If you select any of my "Signature" flavors they will be made how they are listed in the description.  If you choose any of the standard cake flavors, you will also need to select a filling and frosting to go with that cake flavor.  I am more than happy to make suggestions for pairings if you are unsure.  

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