Key Lime:  The traditional baked cheesecake with fresh key lime juice & zest. Garnished with fresh whipped vanilla cream and key lime wedges.  

Reese's Chocolate Peanut butter:  The traditional baked cheesecake loaded with Chocolate, peanut butter and of coarse Reese's cups! 

Plain:  The traditional baked cheesecake with no topping or additional flavoring added.


Oreo Cookies & Cream:  The traditional baked cheesecake with crumbled Oreo cookies mixed in and whole Oreo's around the outside.

Holiday Sampler:  Only available November & December and will be posted only on our Facebook page.

Blue Lemonade:  The traditional baked lemon cheesecake with fresh blueberries baked in, and a layer of blueberry topping on top.

Plain with Topping:  The traditional baked cheesecake with choice of topping.

Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Blue Berry, Lemon Curd, Black berry or Mixed Berry

Vanilla Bean:  The traditional baked cheesecake with fresh vanilla bean mixed in, then topped with vanilla bean whipped topping.

Turtle:  The traditional baked Chocolate swirled cheesecake with pecans, caramel and chocolate baked into the cake and added on top after baking.

Fruit swirled:  The traditional cheesecake with your choice of fruit baked into the cheesecake.  Fruit options: Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Blue Berry, Black berry or Mixed Berry.

Lemon:  The traditional baked cheesecake with a fresh zesty and sweet  lemon flavor.

Cheesecakes come in 3 sizes

6" $20 /  9" $45 /  12" $55.

They do not come slices unless you request it or if it's a Holiday sampler.